End of Carnival


Today’s Ash Wednesday, meaning the end of carnival has come upon us. The next 40 days are about fasting and deep soul searching within ourselves in preparation for Easter. But while getting some ash sprinkled on my head today I realized that I did not share any of my carnival photos on here.


Ania and I did some serious dancing about a couple of weeks ago. Together with our friends we had a whole table to ourselves, a table at which a familiar Baczewski bottle of vodka stood once again. If you recognize the place from photos from long time ago that’s because this is my third time there, and we keep coming back for a good reason. The cost to fun ratio is seriously amazing. And with a never ending stream of delicious food rollin’ out constantly from the kitchen and a live band that rocked the house, I’m fairly sure we’ll go back again soon.

Anyway, I don’t have much to add except that it was a pretty amazing night…if you don’t count the part where my friends poured me one too many shots… Fun!

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