GOVECS Supplier Forum


Late last month I attended my very first supplier forum. The feat itself was ever more rewarding since it was for a project that I am currently leading. Because GOVECS is a fairly small company with very start-up roots, our projects and scooters often don’t get the attention and consideration of other high volume customers from our vast lineup of suppliers.

To change that, we invited all of Schwalbe suppliers to Wrocław to show them in person just what exactly GOVECS is all about, and perhaps most importantly, WHO is GOVECS all about.

The answer to the first question is somewhat standard: GOVECS is Europe’s number one electric scooter manufacturer. Period. But it’s the second part that really gets me going. Who is GOVECS? And the answers to that question are aplenty. Just looking around that room was a good sample of talent and passion we have within our company. Ola and Michał, our supply chain specialists, were the ones organizing the event under the watchful eye of their boss Przemek. Our engineering manager Tomek gave a detailed talk about the scooter while his mechanical engineer Adam was on hand to answer any technical questions. Thomas and Nicholas, our co-founders, shared their view of the future of the company and wowed the crowed with their knowledge and experience. I took part in explaining the project management role and shared the stage with my boss Tomek who in turn explained our entire PMO structure at GOVECS. Everywhere you looked there was a sense of passion and pride in our work, and that was exactly the feedback we received back from our suppliers. It was the greatest feeling to see these somewhat total strangers wish us best of luck while vowing closer ties and cooperation with our company.

Our scooter is very international, and while I won’t go into details here, we’ve got parts from all over Europe and beyond from companies big and small. All said the same thing, “wow, what a great atmosphere you have here”.

It’s days like these that motivate me to do better.

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”

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