This Magical Week #1 (TMW)

Tim Ferris does 5-Bullet Friday’s, my boss Nicholas does 5 Strive Friday’s, and me, I’m gonna do This Magical Week. TMW for short. TMW could also stand for Too Much Work, in a way that there’s too much I’d like stuff into a 24 hour period. But TMW’s are going to be my weekly blog updates. I noticed that I sometimes don’t have that one topic I want to devote a blog post to, so I end up not writing at all. With TMW’s I will sum up several smaller things that I want to share all into one post.

I am going to keep it to five topics at the time, I just don’t want to box myself as to what these five will be. I don’t read enough to have a book recommendation ready every week, but I can think of a wide spectrum of things that will make up my five discussion points, so I’m leaving it open. I will make it a Friday thing, too. This one, coincidentally, a day late.

So the plan is set: every Friday, 5 topics to cover in a TMW post. How hard can that be… right? 😉

1. Event
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Speaking of a magical week, Ania and I went to see Harry Potter in Concert. Basically we watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on a very big screen, as you would in a theater, but all of the original score was played by the orchestra located just underneath the screen. What an awesome experience, though the wooden seats at Wrocław’s Centennial hall are definitely not made for a three hour sitting sessions.


2. Website
I came across this site through Tim Ferris’ recommendation. It’s basically a white noise web site that allows you to pick and choose the white noise you’d like to play while focusing on work. I am currently listening to birds chirping away in a forest during a rain storm. I’m a big fan of white noise as I hardly ever get total silence around my home or work.

3. Podcast
Mac Power User
Found this podcast by chance, but I really enjoyed episode 367: Getting Productive with Michael Hyatt. A lot of good tips on how professionals manage their time, communication, and work. I skipped through other episodes, but 367 hit home for me. Maybe because Michael Hyatt is a professional that deals with helping high achievers, and that’s who I’d like to be when I grow up!

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 7.08.28 PM

iTunes Link

4. Book
Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Started reading Arnold’s autobiography and I’m pretty impressed by it so far. Talk about high achievers! This guy went from being a kid in a small town in Austria to the being a governor of California, not to mention the whole acting thing. Can’t wait to get more info on how it all wend down. Bill Burr describes exactly my sentiment towards Arnold.

5. Personal
Easter Holiday
Easter’s upon us. It’s the holiday that sort of sneaks up on me every year. I mean I know it’s coming, I usually give something up for lent only to break-in days later, but unlike Christmas, Easter to me is really just a fancier Sunday with the following Monday off from work. Being a church going Catholic I shouldn’t be saying this, since Christ died for my sins and has risen to sit beside God himself. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. What I do know is that Ania made a boat load of good food so there’s that! All joking aside, Happy Easter!


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