TMW#7 Avocados, Bosch, and being a Dick.

This week went by rather fast. It was a four-day work week in Poland due to a church holiday, and with many projects going on at once at work the time simply flew by. I started using a camera again, setting aside my iPhone as my go-to camera for all occasions. It’s going to take some time and some trips to have some great photos to show off here, but I’m working on that. In the meantime here are a few things that caught my eye this week.

1. Avocado: a crime of passion.
I grew up in California where we had a huge avocado tree right in our front yard. That being said, an avocado bacon sandwich never felt dangerous or threatening in any way. But apparently, that’s not so for a lot of folks out there. In fact, there are so many hand injuries due to avocado knife slips that there is a movement within Poland and quite a lot of countries alike to put a warning label on the damn avocado! I think I know exactly what it should say, but I doubt “Don’t be stupid” will make the cut. Pun intended. Anyway, be safe! You never know when that avocado ’ll get ya!

2. A Leadership Lesson
Being a leader is hard. You want to be friends with people you’re leading, but you also want them to feel a certain level of respect towards you. Some don’t want to be friends at all and only want to rule with an iron fist. And yet others are too nice altogether to the point where leadership gets dissolved among all those involved. In a short 35-minute video linked below, Max Joseph tries to answer a very easy question that must cross through every leaders’ mind at least once in their career: does one need to be a dick to be a successful leader?

What do you think?

3. Fear Setting by Tim Ferris
If you’re into doing something out of the ordinary, try fear setting, a tool used by a self-development guru Tim Ferris. Most often we get lost in our own worries and forgo the goal altogether. Fear setting allows us not only to list the reason we should go through with our goals but most importantly, it allows us to see clearly the outcome on the off chance we don’t follow through at all. “The Cost of Inaction” as Tim puts it.

The TED talk linked below is only 13 minutes long, but definitely worth the time if you’re looking to shake things up.

4. Harry Bosch
All of Poland had a day off this Thursday due to Corpus Christi church holiday. Just in time, too, as I discovered the third season of BOSCH. Ten episodes at forty-some minutes a pop isn’t much, and sure enough a long evening and just a little of the following morning is all it took to binge watch the entire third season. But wow, what a great show.

OK. So nothing to be proud of here, I get it. But somehow BOSCH speaks to me for whatever reasons, and I decided to start reading the Harry Bosch novels by Michael Connelly just to keep the suspense going. First up, The Black Echo.

5. Corpus Christi
So yeah, as I mentioned a couple times before Thursday was Corpus Christi, a church holiday we all get off of work here in Poland. The main event of every Corpus Christi mass is a procession around the streets of the given parish. The procession is accompanied by 1st communion kids: girls throw rose paddles before the priest and boys ring bells to announce the procession. It’s actually pretty cool, very loud, and extremely colorful. Especially on a beautiful summer day that we had yesterday, where for some reason I was the only one wearing shorts… (must have missed the dress code lesson back in the day). Anyway, as far as church and politics goes I try to stay away from discussions that could go off-topic rather quickly. But Corpus Christi in Poland is a tradition. I remember wanting to get out of the procession as far back as 8 or 9 years old. Now, however, it’s kinda cool to see everyone’s still getting involved. Here’s a single photo before I got shooshed by my wife for taking my phone out…



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