Weekend by the Sea

At the beginning of June Ania and I took our annual pilgrimage to the small town of Chłopy to spend some time by the sea. We reserved the same house, the same room even, as we did a year ago and the beach was only a two-minute walk away. While early June is still fairly coldish and usually pretty quiet tourists wise, this year everyone must have gotten out of school a little early! The beach was definitely more crowded than a year ago, and walking with Fado along the shore wasn’t always easy, mostly due to terrified mothers of toddlers that freaked out whenever Fado as much as looked their direction.


Side-rant: why do mothers freak out when a tail wagging bundle of joy walks within a 20-meter radius of them? Over the past few Fado years I have witnessed two very distinct parenting styles; one, mothers hold their kids, but allow the kid to experience Fado, let Fado get close, the kid tries to touch him, learns that big dogs aren’t monsters, and two: mothers that upon sight of Fado pick up their kids, start screaming, terrify the kid in their arms even though Fado is the same sweet dog from scenario one. WTF mothers? Don’t scar your kids for life. It’s just Fado 🙂

Anyway, I know Fado is a big dog, so whenever we walked through a crowd I would always hold a frisbee in my hand. No leash or nozzle necessary. With a frisbee in hand, that dog won’t ever lose eyesight with the bright yellow object in hand walking no more than two inches away from my hip. Fado’s just awesome that way.

Our usual fish & chips place was close this summer and we ended up finding a new go-to spot about an hour’s walk away. In fact the fish there was even better, albeit a little more expensive, but the benefit was the two-hour round trip beach walk we had to do to get to it. The additional exercise made me feel just a little better about that oil fried fish with fries and beer.

Here are a few photos from our beachside long weekend.

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