Hey, You!

Hey there. It’s been a while. How are things? You doin’ alright? How are the kids?
Yeah OK, you’re right. I don’t really care about your kids. But after a prolongated period of absence on this blog I never really know how to hop back on the blogging bandwagon. So I needed something witty, if not assholish, to get your attention. Did that work?


Photo credit: Łukasz Bera (www.lukaszbera.com)


Winter is coming and the sun is hardly ever to be seen. Leaving my home, and then getting back to it after work, both in the dark, really suck. Luckily there’s only about a month left to the shortest day of the year and then…nirvana. Or longer days at the very least.

Long evenings do have their advantages, however. For one, I started running. Nothing big. Just a few KM’s here and there. Enough to register with Endomondo as having moved my ass a little each week. The few kilometers I’ve run thus far haven’t been enough to tip the scale, but I’ve gotten better lap times every single time I’m out.

Also in the time that I haven’t written, I’ve done a little traveling, I have surpassed 9,000km’s on my electric scooter, I hosted a PMI Seminar, published a project management article, and have managed to pick up a new job. All of which I will in some way mention here in the coming weeks.

Since I’m mostly always cold now in the almost freezing weather of autumn Wrocław, I think I will start with some happy summer travel posts. Just to warm up a little.

Next up: Summer Dresden Fado Walkin’.

IMG_3040 (2)


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