Dresden Fado Walking

Dresden is only a three-hour drive from Wrocław, but we had a long weekend to kill this past August, so we spent a couple of nights in East Germany to make the most of it.

Naturally, Fado, our chocolate Labrador, had to come with, so I ran a quick Airbnb search for a place that would accept dogs and found one not too far off from Dresden. That place, the apartment and the city where it was located, turned out to be a cool story in and of itself. But more on that later.


Before we arrived in Dresden we stopped by a small city of Bautzen along the way. I’ve driven the A4 highway dozens of times to-and-from random work trips in or around Germany, and every single time I’ve passed this beautiful looking city from a distance never having the time to actually stop by to look around. This time was different. We parked on the edge of town and spent a good couple of hours wandering around. Our thoughts? Best apple strudel in Germany!


On day one Dresden wasn’t exactly cooperating with us weatherwise. The sky was really cloudy, it was somewhat coldish, and while we did a fair amount of walking anyway, the atmosphere wasn’t too inviting. That all changed on the second day in town, which is evident by our photos. Pretty amazing what a bit of sun can do with hundred-year-old architecture.

I don’t really have anything clever to say about Dresden besides showing you my photos and letting them speak for themselves. We had a good time walking through the city, and after out Bautzen apple strudel experience, we were on a hunt for a repeat. We did find a place with strudels, which by the way turned out to be more challenging than I had expected. But once there, Dresden had nothing on Bautzen. It was good, just not Bautzen-awesome.


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  1. Dresden looks great. Nice picks. Gorgeous dog too. I have a Choc Lab too, try to capture his madness but as he has no pet passport, Germany is quite safe…for now.

  2. Great piece. We’re relocating soon to Dresden. Looking forward to exploring this city and being so close to Poland!

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