Today was a pretty big milestone for me fitness-wise. I ran 21km’s (13.10mi) which is exactly half of a marathon. I also did it in an official event, the H2O Wrocław half marathon. Name tags, medals, an all. Given that I am somewhat overweight, simply finishing a half marathon is quite a feat for me.


I didn’t do too great, I finished in 2 hours, 40 minutes, and 59 seconds. Some 19 minutes before the 3 hours cut off mark for today’s event. But again, my first-ever race, and the first-ever distance of 21kms. I probably should have run a half marathon on my own time just to see how well I could do… I just never got around to doing it around my neighborhood.

High points: 
1. I did it!
2. I can still walk.
3. I did fairly well for the first 15kms, which means I am improving overall slowly on longer distances.
4. I have overcome ‘official race’ anxiety. Standing among serious runners, all dressed to impress, stretching around, with an “I’m gonna kill you boy!” look on their face as they pushed for that 1 hours 30-minute mark can be a little intimidating. It took a while for me to get over that hump, and to tell myself the only one I’m running against is myself.
5. I finished the race with Fado and Ania by my side. It was cool that Ania showed up for the end and let Fado loose so that he ran over the finish line with me.
6. I got my first medal!
7. My furthest running distance ever!
8. Finished almost 3 hours of podcasts including a Tim Cook – Kara Swisher interview, top 10 tech news of 2017, and some money investing tips from Freakonomics Radio.

Low points:
1. I ended up walking most of the last 4 to 5 kms. It was a fast-paced walk, but a walk nonetheless. It means that I’m good till about the 15km mark. Got to work on improving the long-range.
2. Got to work on my running wardrobe. I ran how I usually run around my house. Long pants with a light jacket. Big mistake. I soon realized why everyone was dressed very lightly even though I was technically cold at the start. It was a beautiful warm and sunny spring day today, and after a few kilometers, I was overheating.
3. Hour-long podcasts have a tendency to become monotonous after a while, but my running headphones don’t have an iPhone friendly button for “next”. So even though I prepared a running list for today (4 podcasts), I was sort of stuck with each one till the end.
4. I finished 10th from the last.

The last low point for me… well, have a look at the final finish times below.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 18.46.35

See what I mean? I was passed by a 72-year old lady about a kilometer before the finish line. I mean great for her! Mean props for even running this event. For me though…not so much. Everyone in my ‘pack’ was at least 20 years older… damn.

Overall though it was a great experience. I’m looking forward to improving my times and I’m definitely going back next year for this event next year. Maybe more half marathons, too.