A Day in Cracow

Back in March, we took a quick day trip to Cracow or Kraków in Polish. It’s only a 275km (168miles) ride, and it’s all highway all the way there.

Without a specific plan or city tour in mind, we simply started walking all around admiring this great city. Ohh, and of course Fado came along, too, so our sightseeing was limited to whenever dogs were allowed.

I think tourist-wise, Cracow has much more to offer than our own city of Wrocław. It’s bigger, for one, and has a much richer history. I mean it used to be a Polish capital, it’s got a king’s castle, a dragon, you know, the tourist basics. Oh yeah, a dragon!

I will let Wikipedia explain:

Each day the evil dragon would beat a path of destruction across the countryside, killing the civilians, pillaging their homes, and devouring their livestock. In many versions of the story, the dragon especially enjoyed eating young maidens.
Great warriors from near and far fought for the prize and failed.  A cobbler’s apprentice (named Skuba) accepted the challenge. He stuffed a lamb with sulphur and set it outside the dragon’s cave. The dragon ate it and became so thirsty, it turned to the Vistula River and drank until it burst. The cobbler married the King’s daughter as promised, and founded the city of Kraków.

Link to the above here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wawel_Dragon

We managed to walk quite a bit around the Kazimierz area of the city, which used to be known as the Jewish district of the city dating all the way back 1264. Today the area is mostly known as the cultural center of Cracow and it really shows. Aside from a lot of Jewish history still visible on buildings and murals, the area itself is like a hipsters paradise. It’s got a very vibrant vibe to it, as do the people we’ve seen around it.

There was only so much we could see in the six hours we had planned for sightseeing, and below you’ll find a few photos from that day. In the end, I got a call that said “I’m home now, you can come by and have a look”, and we rushed right over.

“Wait, what?” you say?  🙂

Back in the saddle is next.


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