Apple computers are still very unpopular in Poland. In a place where pretty much everyone has a computer they, or someone they know, put together from parts, a brand name PC is very rare. The new age of affordable laptops has changed that a lot and Toshiba, HP, Samsung, and Acer among others are making a dent in becoming household computer brands. But these are still very much Windows based computers because that’s what everyone else here is running. It assures compatibility with your friends software, your work files, and your downloaded games.

I’ve seen 3 Mac computers here so far and all of them belonged to photography instructors during our 3 month photography course. Which begs the question exactly how much business does a store based on Apple products get? iSpot is the Polish equivalent of the Apple Store and if you thought Mac’s were overpriced in the U.S. you just haven’t seen what an ‘exclusive’ brand can fetch oversees. The store feels exactly like an Apple Store; very neat, very well designed, very “rich” consumer oriented; except for the part that I’ve never seen people in it.

I’m sure Apple will gain more ground here eventually. But I’m also sure that who ever buys an Apple computer won’t be doing it from iSpot. As much as Polish people love to show off their money, they also like to get their stuff cheap, and iSpot just ain’t gonna cut it.

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  1. Tina says:

    The only people I’ve seen with Macs so far are: Americans, people who are into film/photography or musicians. The rest of us just have to deal with Bill Gate’s BS…

    I want one, so bad, but like most people I can’t afford it. I’ve seen some apple stores in the Malls in Bulgaria and it’s the same story as in Poland.

    Oh and thanks for checkin out my blog, yours is pretty cool too, Mr Magician-who-is-not-a-magician 😉

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