Sicily, Italy

I was given an opportunity to do a little contract work for one of my former employers on their project in Sicily, Italy. While I will not get into any specifics, I will tell you that this is truly a remarkable place.

I’ve been told that there’s much more to Sicily than the small and uneventful towns I have seen so far, but I believe that I have witnessed what real Sicily looks like. People here are very emotional and speak with their whole bodies, often shouting and throwing their arms while stressing their point in a conversation. I’ve had coffee prepared in a way I’ve never seen before; strong, thick espresso with a whole lot of sugar. Just a drop is enough to put some hair on your chest. Dress code here is different as well, but I will describe that another time.

Here are a few pictures from around the town and my ‘Bed & Breakfast’. The building is from the 16th century and the swimming pool was a great way to end the day while drinking a bottomless pitcher of wine and munching on fresh olives and home made salami. Life viewed by others as boring seems very fascinating to me.

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