Back Home

Palermo-Rome-Amsterdam-Berlin, and then a 4 hour drive back to Wrocław. Walked out of the hotel at 5am, back home at 9pm. Because of a very short transfer time in Rome my checked in bag is still out there somewhere; I’m not worried about anything in that bag with the exception of two bottles of some great Sicilian wine I got made locally in the town I stayed in.

I also need to get a GPS for my car. I’ve been borrowing one from my  cousin, but the maps on that thing are outdated to the point where I got off the highway, drove 20 miles next to that same highway on surface roads, then got back on the highway, all because the GPS thought that stretch of the road did not exist. Coming back I confirmed that it was brand spanking new as I chose to not listen to voice from the box that told me to make a u-turn when possible.

Now it’s time to make some coffee, though I’m not sure how it will compare to the espresso’s I’ve had for the past week.

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