Sicily Continued

I’m not sure if I should be writing this, but my week long contract work in Sicily felt more like a mini vacation. Sure I was busy 8-10 hours a day at the job site, but the surroundings, the landscape, the people, the food, and oohhhh the wine made it all feel a little different. I took plenty of photos of the job site, both because I wanted to document the work done so far, and because I just like shooting photos. Took a 2 hour hike up a hill to take a panorama shot of the site, but the last day I wanted a different angle so asked to be lifted up by one of their machines. Everyone was laughing at me saying I looked like a dinosaur on Jurassic Park being transported in a box.

Surely I could have done without a dude kissing me goodbye at the end of my stay, but apparently that’s a sign of being accepted so I suppose that’s OK. My boss, who had just finished a conversation, was totally unprepared for that goodbye gesture and it was hilarious seeing him in that position. I was a little annoyed at the fact that I couldn’t buy a postcard in the local village, not because there aren’t any around, but because the only time I was ever in town was early in the morning, lunch, or later after work, and either case every postcard friendly shop was closed. Thunderstorms lit up the sky every single night and I haven’t seen storms that intense in a long while. There were also fires everywhere and it all looked a little awkward without anyone really in any hurry to extinguish them. In So.Cal. you’d have trucks, planes, and helicopters at minutes notice. In Sicily they just seemed to keep on burning giving the air that burned smell.

Apparently I also need to get a man purse. Everyone had them, along with tight shirts, tight jeans, Carrera sun glasses, and a cigarette. Here’s my attempt at a man purse, but no one was fooled by it really being a camera bag. By the way, Hawaiian shirt Friday is alive and well!

I might be able to go back a couple more times and I’m really looking forward to work in Sicily again.

I’ve uploaded a few more photos from the island. One of the things I found really interesting was a local cemetery. It’s really big and beautiful, but at the same time I would think this way of burial provides some space limitations.

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  1. Wes Horton says:

    Of all the things that could have stayed, you chose to bring hawaiian shirt friday with you….By the way the newest ultra gay music is Kesha.

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