Wrocław Dwarfs

“Whether you want it or not, there are dwarfs in the world”. These are the words of a famed Polish writer Maria Konopnicka, and they stand true in the city of Wrocław. I can’t find exactly when dwarfs began to appear throughout Wrocław, but there are more than 70 dwarfs so far and it’s always fun to find one when you least expect it. By the way, can someone please explain to me the difference between a dwarf and a gnome? Or are they the same creature.

For more information in English check out: Wrocław Dwarfs

Here are a few of my own dwarf sightings. There was a small display with pictures and information shown at the center square to remind Wrocław’s citizens and visitors alike about these small suburban creatures.

2 thoughts on “Wrocław Dwarfs

  1. I, for one, welcome our diminutive overlords.

    A dwarf is a person of short stature, defined as a medical condition that results in a height of 4’10” or shorter.

    A gnome is a small mythical creature, supposed to be a guardian of mines, quarries, etc. The word gnome is derived from the New Latin gnomus. It is often claimed to descend from the Greek gnosis, “knowledge”, but more likely comes from genomos “earth-dweller”.

    Often featured in Germanic fairy tales, including those by the Brothers Grimm, the gnome often resembles a gnarled old man living deep underground who guards buried treasure.

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