Old School

During our stay at the Silesian House hostel we found a stack of old newspapers circa 1976. I liked Panorama the most as it covered pretty much the entire globe in their articles. It was pretty cool to read about the life back then. New technology, new cars, musical bands that I’ve known forever that have then just released their first album. It was however important to keep in mind that the communist regime at the time put a spin on a lot of the articles to make ’em just a little more Soviet friendly. Who is Jimmy Carter and do we like him or not?

Naturally my mind was drawn to car articles and advertisement, and there was plenty of that in each issue. I suppose advertisment hasn’t changed much since then; a beautiful girl is still used to sell the car.

Another thing that caught my eye was the “girl of the week” section of the magazine. Each issue had one, and each issue showed the girl a little different. Photos ranged from artistic to full on slutty, but is it possible that the girl from the advertisement above is also the girl of the week back in 1976? There is a certain quality linking the two…

Here are a few more photos of stuff I found interesting. There is even a Mila Kunis look alike in there!

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