MTB Marathon – Złoty Stok


On Sunday I rode the shortest distance of the MTB Marathon series in Złoty Stok (Golden Slope). Truth be told it was also my very first time on a mountain bike this year. Somehow between snow on the ground till April and riding my motorcycle I managed to forget about my Marin bike. But my boss keeps me in check with constant reminders of “Are you riding or hiding?”. In a way he bullied me into riding.

Here’s a short film I put together from the event, mostly GOPro material.

Out of shape and out of practice, getting through 18km’s wasn’t exactly easy especially considering the first half was a constant fire road uphill. And then just when I thought I was done walking the bike up, I had to walk it back down as it was way to steep for me to even considering riding. The event seemed to be well organized and there was a pretty good biker turn out. It’s still embarrassing to be getting passed by dudes who did twice the distance and only left fifteen minutes earlier, but I treated this ride more like a simple bike outing than a marathon. I did however finish third, again. haha. Third counting from the end of the list. Need to ride more this season. Below are a few photos from the event, the thing about being a photojournalist of sort is that I’m always the one taking photos. No photo of me this time.





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