Grilled Meat and Pale Ale


I’ve been on pretty strict diet for the past couple of months, eating only what the dietitian allows with a specific list of what to, but more precisely, what not to eat. A feat that would have been impossible had it not been for my wife keeping me in check. And while it wasn’t an easy start, 8.5kg (18.7lbs) later I feel pretty good. I’m now at 93.6kg (206lbs) and trying to drop down a little more before the never ending work of keeping that weight begins.

But the past couple of weekends have been deliciously brutal. Two weeks ago now was majówka, pronounced mayoovka, a long weekend that begins with Labor Day on May 1st and ends with Constitution Day on May 3rd. A weekend that is historically  known as the official opener of the grilling season. The weather was nice, and the smell of grill was in the air all around us, so we also put our diet on hold for a couple of days and fired up the grill.


I started a little early on Thursday night with my boss firing up his famous steaks. He’s the one putting up the American flag, the only American flag in the sea of Polish flags put up for this past weekend. On Friday Ania and I did our own BBQ with chicken wings, sausage, blood sausage, and vegetables. And on Saturday we joined our friends just outside Wrocław for a grill at their place. Our host Peter also brews his own beer, and his stuff is really, really good, it’d be a shame not to have a beer…or three.

P1110617 20150503_194625_Richtone(HDR)

Last weekend was also filled with bbq greatness as we met up with Ania’s coworkers for a bonfire and the next day stopped by my aunts name day celebration grill. Needless to say I’m not 93.6kg anymore, but I’m hoping to resume my diet soon. It’s just that grilled meat is so delicious…

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