Wrocław, by the Sea


Catching up with regularly scheduled blog posting…

Wrocław is some 460km (267miles) from the Baltic sea. That’s about a seven hour drive on crappy Polish expressways, making Wrocław as un-coastal as possible. So what do you do when you’re in a mood for fresh sea food without the hassle of a fourteen hour round trip? You order it online of course!

Enter Rybny-Swiat.pl, a website that will bring fresh sea food straight to your door.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 23.07.23.png

Rybny świat stands for “sea world”, but no worries, there are no killer whales in captivity here. The website basically collects personal orders of fish, and once a quota is met, they make the drive south of the sea to Wrocław. Of course there are minimums per order, so they won’t exactly make the drive for a single fish, but in our case, they brought us 3kg of cod and 4 pieces of mackerel. There is also an total minimum order, meaning that at least some weight in fish must be met for the entire truck for the company to actually make good on the order.


From the moment we placed the order via the website to the delivery the entire process is extremely professional. The website is top notch, but what surprised me the most is the precision of keeping me up to date with the order status. I received a text message telling me that my fish will be driven on a certain date. That date, the driver called telling me the approximate hour of the delivery, and then again a text message about 15 minutes prior to showing up. The delivery truck seemed fairly new, and the driver happily handed me my fish.

Driving the ice filled box of fish home on a scooter, however, not that easy!

Our cod, by the way, was freaken delicious! No store in Wrocław can match that quality of fish, and we’re sure to order from them again.

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