Frankie Says Relax

When I was just a kid, my dad had a pretty extensive record collection. Or at least it seemed extensive in my child eyes. There were tapes, too. Lots of them.

But there was this one album I was always afraid to listen to alone. Hey, I was just a kid, remember? Anyway, the album was “Welcome To The Pleasuredome” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. The very first song, with bird noises and a woman’s opera-like voice gave me the creeps then, and still does to this day.

Then, it was mostly because it was simply scary to me. Today, it’s because I get nostalgic and think about those days back in Poland at my parents house. I can see clearly where the record player stood with huge Hi-Fi speakers I loved to poke the membranes of. For some reason that song gives me the goosebumps to this day. Of course the rest of the album kicks ass and I can’t get enough of it.

I was able to get back those Hi-Fi speakers from my cousin who took them in once my family moved from Poland to the States. And I am slowly thinking about getting a record player to recreate my dad’s record collection. But in the age of Spotify, I’m having a hard time justifying another expense. So I started with a Spotify playlist, and maybe one day I will transfer that over to a vinyl collection. The playlist will get bigger as I recall the records my dad once owned. To be honest, I mostly remember record covers.

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