Selling My Zoom

Remember my ‘Rust Bucket List’ post from 2011 where I introduced my newish Mazda 6? (LINK here) Well, five years later it’s time to bid farewell to that rust bucket, very literally speaking.

Turns out that Mazda 6, years 2003 to 2008, was really poorly weatherproofed and rust is only a matter of ‘when’. Sure enough my Zoom was no different, and that ‘when’ came and went some time ago. I tried to fight it, and a couple of years ago I did some body work to fix the problem. But it turns out with this particular model, any rust work is a loosing battle, and sure enough the same spots are coming out red again.

So, with a heavy heart, I have posted my beloved Zoom for sale yesterday. Someone else can surely pick up that rust battle, but to me the cost/benefit ratio of doing more body work on this car just doesn’t add up. To top things off, Ania doesn’t drive to work anymore and a second car isn’t at all needed in our household at the moment. So it makes sense to let Zoom go. The only question remaining is, will it sell?



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