City Walking

May is known in Poland as the beginning of the grilling season, mostly because May is the first month warm and sunny enough to do anything outside. Temperatures in the 20°C+ (68°F) become fairly common and the sunshine wakes everything, and everyone, back to life.


Saturday was so sunny and warm that we decided to walk around our Wroclaw city center. Not ones to visit the city too often, we, or at least I, was very amused at how much Wroclaw has changed over the years. It wasn’t that bad when I moved here six years ago now, but throughout that time I can clearly see how Wroclaw is becoming more of a European destination, a city to see such as Prague or Dresden. There are definitely more foreigners walking around as our city airport has more and more international destination added every year. The city is also revamping some of its unknown treasures, such as the Oder river bank. The new river walkway is really well done with a nice European look to it.

We settled in at the Motyla Noga for lunch. Best fish & chips in the city if you ask me. A classic, sure, but with a non-alcoholic beer on the menu, and a water bowl for Fado who was allowed to lay next to our out-door table, we are big fans of that place. Again, that’s Motyla Noga (Butterfly’s Leg): Facebook Page


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