Sunday Brew & Tacos

On Sunday we stopped by the “City Brewery”. The defunct looking complex of redbrick buildings actually used to be a brewery on-again, off again, from 1894 to 1996. Today, it has become a site of cultural gatherings of all sorts. Art galleries, art workshops, culinary workshops, indie clubs, it’s all there. On most weekends however, it transforms into a food bazaar. Not just any food bazaar of course, an eco, green living, so healthy-it-hurts, bio-everything, natural, organic kind.
I kid a little, but that place usually has some pretty cool stuff you really can’t find anywhere else. Ania picked up some spices she couldn’t find in any local store, and we ate a couple of cakes made with all healthy ingredients, and love, of course.

Ania’s dream job would be to bake cakes. All day, every day, just bake cakes. We haven’t found a way to get into that business yet, but we wanted to see how other cake makers are marketing themselves and what cakes they offer. The one of two “cake-people” present on Sunday had 13 different cakes. That’s a lot. But we later found out that this lady’s company actually supplies many local restaurants and coffeeshops in cakes and baking goods. A full blown out business. Not our caliber, yet. But if anyone in Wrocław would like to hire a great cheesecake baker, Ania’s your girl!


After our cakes and Moroccan mint tea, we drove over for lunch at Tacos Locos. I recently ready about that place at Wrocław Uncut (link here) and wanted to find out first hand just how Mexican their Mexican food was. Growing up in Los Angeles, I think I have a pretty good taste for what passes, and what does not. Tacos Locos…passes with flying colours. They even had cilantro, and no one in Poland has cilantro. I had three different meet tacos and Ania took on a burrito. A little spicy, but delicious nonetheless. Best Mexican in Wrocław! Check it out!

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