Vacation Food

There are two things we consumed in heavy rotation during our stay at the sea side: fish & chips, and waffles!

Ok, so there was an occasional smoked fish, too, but all in all, fish and waffles was the theme of our daily routine. An extremely delicious routine if I may say so myself.

Fish & chips were simple; cod, french fries, and a side of some salad (the only green of any kind I would have for days). Hey, I’m not saying it was a healthy choice! Many different fish options were available of course, but cod is the local fish so chances of it being the most fresh of the bunch were always the highest. There was beer, too, but I didn’t need to mention that, right? I mean beer goes together with fish & chips, like pierogi’s do with Ukranian borsch.

Waffles…,well, waffles were not simple at all. There are so many different toppings to chose from, and so little time to eat them all. Both Ania and I stared at the menu and wondered what the most expansive waffle on the menu was. It was called “Firmowe” which loosely translates into “Company” but I think would really better translate to “house”, as in “house waffles”, or “the works” as in “waffles with everything”. But we didn’t know at the time what Firmowe stood for. So we ordered one blindly, and it was awesome! A waffle with whipped cream, four different fruit toppings, chocolate syrup, sprinkled with sugar and ohhh so much love! Even Fado had a bite, or two…

The third option was the smoked fish, smoked just a few feet away from the boat it came in on. The local fish anyway. Nothing beats stopping by a huge smoker after a four hour beach walk at the end of the day, and getting smoked fish that’s still warm when you’re consuming it waiting for the sun to set over the horizon.

Note: we didn’t actually wait for the sunset. The sun sets really late there, around 9:30PM or so, and we just wanted to get home at that point.


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