A Taste of Europe 2017

At the beginning of this month, we stopped by the annual European Food Festival taking place in Wrocław’s city center. I believe this was our third time attending, and it seems that this street -like fair is gaining in popularity. We did by now notice some familiar faces among the folks representing their country. For the third year in a row, Ania got herself a strawberry cider from the same booth located in the same spot as always, and I was able to get grilled frog legs from the same booth I got them a year ago. We especially remembered the guys from Bulgaria since we had a nice foodie discussion with them a year ago about their many delicious sauces.


One minor quirk though as far as food festivals go: there was nowhere to sit/stand to sample the many foods available. Trying to eat frog legs on a bendy paper plate while holding a beverage and a camera was fairly tricky. Even some stand-up tables every few meters would’ve done the trick.

The weather was perfect for some sunny photos and after doing some homework on working my camera here are some colorful X-T10 photos.


The last three photos above are just Wroclaw walking by night. I love how this city is always full of life, full of color, no matter what hour.



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