The After Christmas Market 2014

My wife claims that my blog has gone the way of electric avenue with focus strictly on electric mobility. Granted, the past few posts have been rather work/hobby related, so I will try to put the personal back into this personal blog.

Would a Christmas market post be too late? 🙂

I didn’t really have much time during Christmas to post about the annual Christmas market in Wrocław. As usual it was very festive and it seems to be expanding with every year. We ended up going a few times to experience the magic of mulled wine on a cold winter night. Once we even succeeded in talking Ania’s mom and her brother plus family into coming along.

The kids absolutely loved all the rides, though little Amelia is still scared of people in big plushy costumes, and big dwarfs walking around the fair actually scared her to tears. The fair itself has not only grown in size but also in popularity. I remember hearing about it being the second biggest in Poland, and we noticed scores of tour buses full of people coming in just to see it.

Among a few new attractions was a churro stand, and they tasted just like back in Los Angeles. I couldn’t get enough. We also caught a couple of Santa parades, and tasted some damn good hearing…not exactly Christmasy but tasty nonetheless.


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